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            Nanyang hwayee industrial products co.,ltd and nanyang hwayee industrial products import & export co.,ltd.is  manufacturing company for galvanized iron wire , nails , mesh and tool more 15 years. specialized exporting hot dipped galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized iron wire, wire mesh and steel nails and shovel.handles mainly import & export business of light industrial products, building materials, textiles & garments, machinery & electronics products,furnitures, hardware &develops storing & joint ventures & cooperative business.owning to the advantages of abundant capitals, quality personnel & high prestige. the products is well sold either in china home market or export directly to more than 21 countries and are as such as america,south africa ,middle east area,eastsouth asia and latin america.we sincerely welcome that all friends of all lands will join with us in seeking better chance for mutual development and investment.

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              Zhang songli



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              52 Renmin Road, Nanyang City, Henan Province

            NANYANG HWAYEE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. ,Monopoly Caster Tool Wire mesh Steel nail Steel wire And other business,Interested customers please contact us,Phone:13838956141

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